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How to Plan for the Perfect Wedding Video

How to plan for the perfect wedding video

As I approached the 15th Anniversary of my wedding, I decided to stroll down memory lane and watch the video from my wedding day. I got the tape out and went to play it. One problem...I don't own a VCR. I made the decision to make a digital copy. After weeks of searching for a VCR, I finally found one at the local thrift store. Ninety-five dollars later, I was able to convert the tape over to a digital copy. I learned a lot over this process. First, we owe a lot of people an apology for the length of our ceremony. Second, our videographer was using a music bed from an 80's educational video. Finally, I learned that the less is more approach to wedding cinematography is better than trying to capture every single moment of your special day. Here are a few thoughts on capturing your special day. Sharing your love with the world: For most people, their wedding is a top five best life event. They want to tell everyone about it, and will mention their impending nuptials at any mention of the word "wedding". After watching my one hour and 27 minute wedding video, I realized I can't show this to anyone. It's extremely long, and no one outside of my household (or even inside) would want to watch it. You and your future spouse have a great story to tell. Let the production team tell it for you in a concise, but emotional manner that only gifted storytellers can do. Pregame Whether you hire a wedding coordinator, or decide to DIY, have the production team in on as many meetings as possible. There is nothing worse than having a team lugging gear around your guests, or missing a special moment because of a lack of communication. The production team is telling a story, your story. They are not just setting up a camera and pressing play. Every frame, every shot, every moment, is meticulously planned and thought out; otherwise it would be Uncle Randy and his "tripod" hitting record on the old VHS recorder he pulled out of the closet. Preproduction meetings let the production team know the who, what, when, and where of your special day. If possible, coordinate these meetings with the photographer and production team together. Even though it may appear they are on the same team, this is not always the case. A lack of communication prior to your big day, can lead to a lot of stress for everyone involved. The Big Day This next sentence is going to be important to recite as you move toward your wedding day. NOTHING IS GOING TO GO EXACTLY AS PLANNED! Someone's dress will be too tight or someone's bow tie will be missing. The list could go on and on. The benefit of including your production team in as much of the preplanning as possible allows them to be an extension of your wedding coordinator. They are there to capture the moment, and speaking from experience, sometimes you have to help move a DJ booth on the fly. In spite of what can and will go wrong, it will be a perfect day regardless. When you go back and watch your video, none of those things will come time mind. A professional storyteller will highlight all the love and celebration that is your wedding day. It should be a "movie" that you want to watch over and over again (like Back to the Future) and never feels dull or dated. Delivery If you want a quick turnaround, call Uncle Randy. Your wedding may only have been 3 hours from beginning to flying birdseed or sparklers or butterflies or bubbles, but there is probably double even triple that in the moments captured on video from that day. Each frame will be scrutinized, scrubbed, and if makes the cut, corrected for color, to give you the wedding video of your dreams. Be patient and trust you are getting the absolute best product to share with your friends and family, and it will be something you and your spouse will cherish forever.

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